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Author, ventriloquist, and musician Val Smalkin starts the day with a fun-filled assembly presenting songs and characters from her Gold Medal award-winning book, Springtime Dance. At your request the day may continue with a variety of age-appropriate small group sessions on puppet-making, song-writing, and composition.


"Your presentation was fast-paced, keeping the children's interest at all times! The students always like audience participation - you had them up, moving, and very involved!"

~ Sharon Sansosti, Librarian

St. James Academy


"We loved all of it! I especially loved when you included the teachers and assistant principal in your show."

~ Starlet Lindblad, First Grade

Forest Lake Elementary


"The students LOVED being able to participate and move. They were excited about the puppets, too!"

~Kindergarten Teachers

St. James Academy

Monkton, MD


"We enjoyed coming up front and dancing with you. It was a very funny program. We were cracking up. We are impressed with your talents as a ventriloquist." 

~5th Grade Students.

Forest Lake Elementary

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