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Springtime Dance - Author Visit



Silly Goose & Val introduce the book and song Springtime Dance during their 45 minute program of music, ventriloquism, comedy, and 100% audience participation. 


"You are a natural performer and  this was just Perfect! Thank you, Thank you, thank you!"

- Heather Johnson

Forest Lake Elementary

Harford County, MD

Silly Goose Goes Green


Silly Goose and Recycle Fish explore the world of recycling, reusing, and reducing. Val shows students how to make a trumpet from PVC pipe, and a cabasa from a container and beans. Recycle Fish learns what can and cannot be recycled. All of this takes place in a fast paced, humorous musical setting where Val brings the puppets to life with her outstanding ventriloquy talent.

Respect: Self, Others, Earth


Respect starts at home with a healthy attitude towardoneself, and then spreads to friends and even strangers. Silly Goose and friends learn to be patient with themselves, and each other and learn some of the elements of respect for our planet..


Musical Zoo!




From the first How Do You Do to the last Goodbye My Friends, Silly Goose & Val take the audience on a sing, play, laugh, and dance-along adventure. Dads are selected as backup singers on Dino Dance while children are the dinosaurs. Val selects audience members to "free their inner birds" for the  Pink Flamingo CanCan featuring 3 foot Flamingo ballerina marionettes. And, Katerina Collegeenyeva, a puppet that defies description, sings  Whatever Lola Wants  as she sizes up her admirers! Finally, all learn the dance from Val's new book, Springtime Dance.

Holiday Programs!




You name it...we do it...dancing reindeer, flyging ghosts, patriotic puppet parades, shamrock n roll, Maccabee March!


Sing Love, Praise & Thanks!




Silly Goose, Val, and their friends offer a Sunday School treat with songs of Love, Praise, and Thanks!



All Parents' Choice Award Winners!
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